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The wise Clay Croft once said, “Adventure is the respectful pursuit of getting into trouble.” Those are words that we live by here at Backcountry Exposure. Everything we do is focused around adventure, where things are far from perfect and polished. But that’s an important part of the process.

Backcountry Exposure is here to share a passion for the outdoors in the form of walking with a pack on your back. We dabble into other forms of outdoor recreation, but ultimately we focus on education around backpacking, and the gear needed to get into the backcountry. You’ll find gear reviews, trip reports, educational writing and information focused on helping you get into the backcountry.

We work hard on this project through this website and through the Backcountry Exposure YouTube channel. Take a look around and enjoy what you see. We’ve spent hundreds of hours and time learning through being out in the backcountry. One thing you can be certain of, is we bring real knowledge and education to the table that you can rely on for your own backcountry adventures.

Our content is presented in the form of a YouTube channel where new videos are posted weekly. Trip reports on this website are written in a blog format, typically following a recent visit to the area being reported on. Many of the reports here are focused on Utah, since that is where we are from, but periodic guest posts will show up here to increase the size of the pool of information.

Gear reviews posted here are to support video reviews through the YouTube channel. Gear that is reviewed here may be acquired in several different ways. Some of it is paid for out of our pocket, others are bought at a discount, and the rest comes from companies that send free product for testing.
One thing you can count on here is, you can always trust the review being backed with real use in the backcountry. We’re here to provide real content that supports a piece of gear being tested in the backcountry. We will always be honest and transparent about how a piece of gear is used and even if no negative facts are shared about it, you know that that is because we truly trust the gear and believe it to be super solid.